7 Ethereum Projects Are Getting $175,000 in Grants From ConsenSys

Venture studio Consensys is giving $175,000 to seven different open source software projects on the ethereum network.

Announced on Oct. 10, these projects include a forward-looking ethereum software client called Lighthouse, an oracle network for off-chain data called Tellor, as well as, a mobile decentralized app builder called Alice, among others.

About the new wave of Consensys grant recipients, head of experiential marketing for Consensys Yadira Blocker said:

“In Wave One, we saw a lot of applications but they weren’t super strong. In Wave Two, we started to see more credible teams and more unique ideas come to the table.”

So far, the Consensys Grants program which launched officially this February has received over 150 different applications, according to Blocker. Of those 150, 15 different projects have been funded with a total of $330,000 so far.

As announced in September, the third wave of the Consensys Grants program is now open for applications with a remaining $220,000 left to give away in the Consensys grants fund.

As explained by Daniela Osorio, the global marketing director for Consensys, the purpose of this grants program is to support under-resourced areas of development that are integral to the ethereum ecosystem but not necessarily profitable. Read More...

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