7 Darknet Markets Where Your Cryptocurrency Is Welcome

Whether you’re a Store of Value advocate or a Medium of Exchange purveyor, every bitcoiner ought to spend a little crypto from time to time. Consider it as paying it forward, spreading the love, fostering adoption or simply treating yourself. And where better to send your spare satoshis than the darknet, where a man or woman can obtain anything they like for a price.

The State of Darknet Markets Today

Despite 2019 proving a bumper year for law enforcement on the darknet, there are actually more darknet markets (DNMs) today than there were in January. Dream has closed and Wall Street exit scammed/been busted, but as a glance at DNM listing site dark .fail shows, it’s still business as usual. And right now, business is good, with buyers offered more stores than ever stocked with a cornucopia of wares, and a plethora of cryptocurrencies they can use, from bitcoin cash to monero.

Before we round up the current crop of darknet markets, and examine the sort of goods they’re shipping, let’s take a moment to consider the intersection of cryptocurrency and crime. To date, there have been some incongruous attempts at deploying cryptographic technology for the purposes of crime prevention.

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