60% Of Crypto Trading Reportedly OTC, Bodes Well For Bitcoin (BTC) Boom

Although you think Binance, Coinbase, and its ilk are big for Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto trading, these platforms don’t make up the entire market. In fact, a new report suggests that up to 60% of the entire cryptocurrency market is comprised of over-the-counter (OTC) desks and dark pools, a sign of a maturing market in the eyes of some commentators.

Per The Trade, which cited a report from Aite Group, 60% of all cryptocurrency trades executed in 2018 were OTC, up from the 32% registered in 2016. This and the fact that exchanges have seen “narrowing spreads and opportunities for simple linear arbitrage vanishing”, according to the report’s author, suggests that Bitcoin is maturing as an asset, as are all other digital assets.

While opinions vary on where this OTC volume is coming from, it is widely agreed that many Chinese investors are behind cryptocurrency interest. Despite the fact that Bitcoin trading is technically banned in the nation, the middle and upper class have managed to skirt around rules, specifically to either get their money out of China, or invest in more risky assets like BTC for a chance to grow their capital.

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