6 Reasons To Start Tracking Your Crypto

There is an abundance of new and existing crypto tokens, coins crypto wallets, service providers and decentralized financial instruments powered by blockchain.

More wallets, exchanges, tokens and coins means more assets to track for businesses, institutions and investors. When referencing CoinMarketCap, there is more than two-thousand listed cryptocurrencies worth a combined market cap of almost value of $200 billion USD. With thousands of coins in existence across the globe, and for investors that may own hundreds of cryptocurrencies, tracking and managing assets comes with great difficulty.

The difficulties multiply when investors have crypto stored on hardware or software-based wallets. Moreover, because crypto can be bought, stores and transacted in so many different networks and blockchains, tracking across portfolios, wallets and crypto exchanges requires meticulous organization and monitoring.

This is why more and more platforms and technologies are being developed and deployed to make it easier and smarter to track and manage crypto assets, untangling even the most intricate of webs. Read More...