54% of Bitcoin Users in Europe Don’t Have University Degrees: Research

Titled ‘Understanding Cryptocurrency Holders in Europe,’ the report explored personalities of the men and women who hold cryptocurrencies as a part of their portfolio. It found that about 54% of the European cryptocurrency investors did not have a university degree; including 30% who only attended school until age 18, 5% who have done the same until age 16, and 19% who have taken a trading/technical course or at least have a college diploma.

Nevertheless, it is the age of an average bitcoin investor that takes the cake. People in their 16s and late 24s make up to 27% of the overall European cryptocurrency holder. On the other hand, people between the age group of 25 and 34 are 33% – the highest in the lot. Senior citizens are not behind either, with 5% of them holding some form of cryptocurrency – let’s hope bitcoin – in their investment portfolio.

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