5 Educational Resources That Will Level up Your Cryptocurrency Knowledge

Crypto is a constant learning curve. Keeping pace with developments in bitcoin, blockchain, and the ever-evolving cryptocurrency ecosystem feels like a full-time job, and that’s just for experienced heads. For novices, it’s tough enough working out where to even start. While crypto wisdom accrues over time, there’s now an array of resources to jumpstart your bitcoin education, with some even rewarding you with tokens to sweeten the deal. Here are five of the best resources for autodidacts of all ability levels.

Token Tuber

Token Tuber is a video streaming platform making a concerted effort to better educate its audience on all things crypto. It’s formed an alliance with a growing number of cryptocurrency exchanges to integrate a quiz that pays users to demonstrate their knowledge of digital assets, and to be duly rewarded with tokens and a certificate of achievement.

At the beginning of the 10-question quiz, you’re allocated 1,000 TUBER tokens, but there’s a catch – 100 tokens will be deducted for each incorrect answer. Participants who attain pass marks will be styled as an ‘Accredited Crypto Holder,’ while for those who fail, Token Tuber will recommend further learning on its website.

A quick run through of the test confirms that the questions aren’t aimed at complete novices, so if Token Tuber can match knowledge gaps with useful educational content, all the ingredients are here to effectively upskill crypto aficionados. For those who find the promise of 1,000 TUBER a little light for their tastes, participation in the quiz also offers the possibility of winning $10,000. Read More...

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