4 Upcoming Brave Browser Changes To Look Forward To

A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts are smitten by the capabilities provided by the Brave browser. It is a worthy rival to take on the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In a recently “leaked” conversation, it becomes apparent a few key additional features will be coming to this popular browsing tool. Further spreading the appeal of this project is an ongoing process.

Reddit Tipping is in the Works

While Brave mainly aims to reward content creators by allowing others to tip them in BAT, the company also looks beyond traditional offerings. Whereas Twitch and YouTube are the more popular supported content creation platforms as of right now, it is crucial to explore every single option. Integrating support for tipping Reddit users – assuming they are verified – is one way of ensuring the Brave browser becomes more commonly used in the future.

While it remains to be seen how successful this integration will be, there are precedents for tipping Reddit users. Reddit Gold is the most obvious example, albeit several cryptocurrency tip bots have come and gone over the past few years as well. As such, there is a genuine chance this new feature will spark a major increase in overall Brave user numbers. Users will also be able to tip Reddit users as part of their Auto-Contribute settings, which is pretty interesting.

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