4 Projects Combining Cryptocurrency and Social Media

Coming by innovative concepts to improve global adoption of cryptocurrencies is not overly difficult in this day and age. A lot of people see a big market for social media platforms which integrate crypto support. The following projects all attempted to or will attempt to explore this option moving forward. Their chance of success is not guaranteed by any means, but there appears to be a market for these kinds of projects regardless.

Steemit Sees Ups and Downs

While initially touted as the go-to content creation platform for text posts and other types of content, Steemit has seen its ups and downs along the line. A lot of people made good money during the initial stages, but some of the excitement has seemingly disappeared since late 2017. The collapse of most cryptocurrency markets may have something to do with this, as it also forced the project to reduce its staff not that long ago.

Despite facing some big setbacks along the way, it seems Steemit still has a loyal following in 2019. The blockchain-based social platform has a lot to offer and still allows users to make good money if their posts are valued by the community. The upvoting and downvoting system is reminiscent of Reddit, yet the posts work more like Facebook. Without sufficient upvotes, no money will be earned, though. As such, it is a platform which can effectively nullify clutter content when curated correctly.

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