4 Major Concerns Regarding the WhatsApp Cryptocurrency Bot

Getting more people excited about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies remains an ongoing problem. The average person on the street may know Bitcoin, but they see it as a speculative tool. In terms of using it to transfer value around the globe, new initiatives need to be launched. WhatsApp users can now experiment with cryptocurrency transactions courtesy of An interesting development, albeit one not necessarily officially endorsed by Facebook or WhatsApp.

Not an Official WhatsApp Service

Contrary to what some news sources may want people to believe, WhatsApp has not decided to integrate support for Bitcoin and altcoins on its own. While that might be a development for the future, it seems more likely Facebook’s own digital currency will be integrated first. That is, assuming that project will ever come to fruition in a convincing manner. There are still a lot of unknown factors associated with Facebook’s exact plans. As such, one should not expect WhatsApp to openly support the likes of Bitcoin and other similar currencies. Read More at NullTX...