33 Billion TRX To Be Unlocked On New Year’s Day by TRON

The TRON Foundation has announced that it will be kicking off the new year by unlocking 33 billion TRX, despite not providing a plan for how the coins will be used.

According to a tweet TRON News on Dec. 27, the TRON Foundation will be unlocking 33 billion TRX on Jan. 1, 2020. The post did not specify how the funds will be used and instead posed the question to the TRON community on how the funds should be handled.

A subsequent tweet by TRON News polled the community for ideas for what should be done with the 33 billion TRX, including investing in partnerships, re-locking the funds or instituting a coin burn. The tweet claims that users’ responses can provide the TRON Foundation with information on “how the community feels” about the massive coin unlock. Read More...