3 Reasons to be Excited About Switcheo Enabling NEO/EOS Swaps

In the cryptocurrency world, decentralization is finally starting to take center stage again. Albeit long overdue, it seems some projects are finally coming together. Switcheo introduces its atomic swaps on NEO and EOS this week. A very prominent development which shows how versatile the cryptocurrency industry can be at times.

NEO and EOS Cross-chain Swaps

It is rather interesting to see how aromic swaps can be facilitated between ecosystems which are very different from one another. Albeit EOS and NEO both provide dApp support, it seems both projects are heading in opposite directions at this time. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be an interest in swapping between these two currencies on the fly. Preferably without going through an “intermediary” such as Bitcoin first.

Switcheo acknowledges there is a lot of untapped potential to be explored in this regard. That is one of the primary reasons why the platform now provides a direct EOS/NEO market for traders to take advantage of. Transactions will be done between both chains directly, making this platform the first to provide cross-chain swaps between these two blockchains.

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