2Local with a Vision to Abolish Poverty & Hunger

2Local intends to empower long-term prosperity and sustainability by structuring a unique blockchain-based marketplace. 2local builds a market place that makes local and sustainable purchases available to everybody. 2Local is the innovation of creative business people who would like to create solutions and apply them to non-profit causes.

2Local – Search Function

  1. Intending to abolish hunger and poverty, and to tackle climate and environmental issues, 2local has constructed a platform framework. The framework is backed by a group of enthusiastic business people to develop solutions for the benefit of the economy.

  2. Further, a significant part of the website is the marketplace designed with the search function. Besides, the marketplace section on the site enables clients to search for organizations associated with 2local. This makes consumers get closer to the organizations that sell reasonably as well as locally.

  3. Organizations that are looking to be a part of the 2local market place can enroll at their site and complete a survey. 2local recognizes the cultural differences among individuals and gives a chance to experience diversity. Read More...