$26M in Bitcoin Moved On and Off OKEx in Three Transactions

OKEx has experienced a few large deposits throughout the day yesterday. A whale moved two batches of 1,000 BTC onto the exchange.

Large transactions are being made to and from OKEx in the past 24 hours. The reasons are still unexplained — although some are claiming it was whales preparing for a large market move while others say that OKEx is just moving around funds in its hot and cold wallets.

The first transfer happened yesterday at 14:49 UTC when 1,000 BTC was moved from an external address onto OKEx. The total transfer was valued at around $8.1M and was recorded by Whale Alert (@whale_alert).

The address which sent this transaction currently still has a whopping balance of 26,543 BTC ($219M). It’s unclear whether this address is related to OKEx.

Then, at 20:58 UTC Whale Alerts notified followers of 1,215 BTC (almost $10M) being transferred out of OKEx to an external address. Read More...