2020 Crypto Market Outlook – Looks Bullish

2020 Crypto Market

To kick this post off, I want to start by saying Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American friends. For those of you around the world unfamiliar with this holiday, it is where Americans eat Turkey and pretend to be happy. You should try it out.

Back to the point of this article and looking back, the 2019 market seemed to rekindle a lot of investor sentiment, and it continues to do so with Bitcoin holding strong above the $7,000 levels as we move into the most bullish time of the year. Specifically, we had a strong recovery coming from April through the summer months that was unexpected across the market.

Sadly, these strong up movements have maintained to hold solely in Bitcoin and have not made their way into the altcoins yet. This leaves many heavy bags holders wondering, will altcoins ever recover?

Alt Coin Season

Focusing on the elephant in the room, the altcoins have not preformed as expected at all. Across the entire market, almost every coin has disappointed investors and speculators even the daddy of them all Ethereum scrapping the bottom. We did have a fun meme battle with Ripple at the start of the year where Ripple took off all the way up to $0.70 and surpassed Ethereum, but the tides have quickly reset back to normal and XRP rests in third place at around $0.22 per coin.

Abysmal would be an accurate description of the altcoin market from a price stand point. Although, for those who are actually interesting in the tech and development side, the 2019 lull market was very necessary for the future of the market. Read More...