11 Ways Ethereum Can Benefit Enterprises

According to research from Credit Suisse, the average lifespan of an S&P 500 company is now less than 20 years compared to the 60-year average company tenure in the 1950s. A root cause of the problem: disruptive technology.

Failure to anticipate and capitalize on the opportunities offered by emerging technologies is one of the main threats to the longevity of large enterprises. Therefore, in order to survive, enterprises must adopt an open and agile approach to emerging technologies that enables their incorporation into new and evolving business models.

In the context of blockchain technology, enterprises have very different needs from the individual user on public peer-to-peer networks. Enterprises must be able to manage high volumes of sensitive data, while ensuring safety and compliance in line with regulatory requirements. Permissioning, privacy, performance, and finality are thus paramount to the operational and transactional needs of high-performance enterprise. Read More at CryptoGlobe...