$100 Million More in Tether Printed: How Will This Affect Bitcoin Price?

A “whale alert” is a type of Twitter alert that notifies traders when large sums of crypto or Bitcoin is moved from one point to another on the blockchain. It often helps analysts and traders predict large selloffs in advance, or other market movements made by large players known as whales or “market makers.” Other times, it’s used to identify when the Tether treasury has printed more of the Tether stablecoin cryptocurrency that’s backed by fiat reserves and other collateral, which often precedes massive movements in Bitcoin price.

Millions and millions worth in USD value of Tether have been printed since the bear market bottom, and each new printing appears to drive up Bitcoin price further and further. With a whale alert signaling that yet another $100 million in the stablecoin has been printed, how might this affect Bitcoin price in the days ahead?

Tether Treasury Prints Yet Another $100 Million of Controversial Stablecoin

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