100,000 Merchants and Organizations Now Accept Bitcoin, Says Grayscale

Digital asset management giant Grayscale says the number of companies and non-profits accepting Bitcoin around the world just crossed 100,000.

The company released the figure as part of its multi-million dollar “Drop Gold” campaign. The firm challenges gold proponents to name one store that you can walk into and pay using the precious metal.

Grayscale, which has $2.6 billion in assets under management, also released an infographic touting Bitcoin as the emerging future of finance.

“Bitcoin is still in its infancy. Bitcoin is driving global growth in new ways, while also preserving the store-of-value qualities that provide inflation protection and make it investable. Bitcoin is only a tiny fraction of the size of the markets it stands to disrupt, which reach well into the trillions of dollars.” Read More at DailyHODL...

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