10 Innovative Projects on the EOS Blockchain

EOS is a rapidly developing blockchain that is providing high transaction speeds compared to its competitors and has an embedded voting system. This makes it a tempting platform for existing decentralized products and for building new ones from scratch. We picked the 10 most promising and original projects with the goal of showing the current potential of this blockchain.

Some of the projects are already functioning. Others are in alpha or have just been announced.

1. Voice

The authors of the EOSIO platform, Block .one’s CEO Brandon Blumer and CTO Dan Larimer, introduced their new product on June 1. In an Apple-like presentation, Blumer told the crowd, “Social media has not been a good friend for us.” And it’s hard to disagree: pardon less data harvesting, censorship, and the overall treatment of the user as a product are the birthmarks of existing social media platforms.

According to Dan Larimer, who already co-founded the blockchain-based Steemit in 2017, the new platform would give privacy and data back to users. The name of this upcoming social media is Voice, and it will provide an opportunity for users to control their information via native tokens, which are earned through posting and commenting. It is now available for sign up as a beta user.

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