Launched on November 1st 2019 at starting price $0.05. CloudStack CLSK available supply 100 million token. It can be stored on any ERC20 based wallet that can accept tokens. CloudStack CLSK interact with a cloud management server (via the STAKGEN algorithm) to validate transactions. It was developed for anonymous payment gateaway and plugins for e-commerce platform. CloudStack CLSK can liquidate by converting to ETHEREUM via WETH or with other ERC20 based token using Decentralized Exchanger (DEX). Currently has traded at few tokens exchanger Tokenjar, Bamboorelay, Ledgerdex, ForkDelta. You can buy and sell anytime at current market price. Get it on low price and sell it the future on high price. Very potential to be as digital asset saving. We are keen to be a part of CloudStack CLSK community and we hope you can also too. Join the CloudStack CLSK Community today and enjoy the benefits in the future. Don’t miss out this great chance by join our community today!