A Casino and Gambling House Review

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If you’re into cryptocurrency and online gambling then you probably already know about 1xBit.


The platform offers so many different products, betting on over 1000 daily sporting events, a live casino, more than 300 online slot machines, and even betting on classic video games that you play. You can use multiple cryptocurrencies, and the best thing is it has fast and low-fee transactions, and a cryptographically secure wallet.


1xBit is based in Germany. They do not have an official gambling license from one of the major licensing jurisdictions,and they are not listed as a Provably Fair casino, although most crypto casinos aren’t either.


As opposed to traditional online casinos and bookies there’s no need to upload government documents, and you don’t have to wait for confirmation of anything. As soon as you’re signed up you’re ready to go and it takes less than a couple of minutes.

Creating a 1xBit Account


Creating an account with 1xBit is really simple, and can be done through email or there’s a one-click registration tab on the top left corner. If you register this way and you use this promo code: 1xb_13235, you can win up to 7 BTC just for registering. Once done, you enter your email address, select your currency of choice and you’re then free to play.


Once you’re signed up, and made your first deposit of a minimum 5 mBTC (milli-bitcoin), you will also receive a 100% bonus a few seconds after making your fist deposit

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How to transfer funds into your account


1xBit doesn’t accept fiat currencies, which is a bit annoying, but you can fund your account with many different cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, XMR and ZEC, and it’s as simple as sending a transaction to any cryptocurrency wallet


Once you fund your account at 1xBit, with whichever cryptocurrency you fund your account with you will be given the equivalent in “mCRYPTO” to play with. For example, if you fund your account with Bitcoin, you’ll be given mBTC to play with, whereas if you fund it with Litecoin, your tokens will be mLTC.


1xBit does this so you can play with a fraction of each cryptocurrency.

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Product Features


Unlimited Cash back Bonus – At 1xBit.com, you get bonus points whenever you place a bet. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose the bet, you will get the bonus points anyway, which you can then put to use whichever way you want.


Accumulator of the Day – Here you can bet on what 1xBit releases as the Accumulator of the Day. Of the more than 1000 daily sporting events you can bet on, 1xBit selects the most interesting events that are the likeliest to bring a profit, which they then combine into several Accumulators. And 1xBit promise, that if your Accumulator of the Day happens to win, your odds will be increased by 10%.


Advance Bet – An advance bet is an offer based on the potential returns from your unsettled bets. Basically, if you have on-going bets, and the total of the potential winnings is more than what you currently have, you can place an Advance bet on something else. This can only be applied on something playing now or something due to start in the next 48 hours.

Available Games at 1xBit.com


There are so many games on the platform, I will list a few of my favourites:


Sportsbook – This is a great facility and makes betting on sports easy, even for beginners.


There are so many sports to bet on you can refine your options by choosing your sport and region if necessary. For example, if you want to bet on Premier League football in England, you can open a tab for that. And then say you want to bet on NBA basketball in USA, you can open a separate tab on that.


Each tab will remain separate, so it’s easy to follow what you’re betting on and following. It’s all accessed through the ‘SPORTS’ tab, which you click on the drop down menu and follow your favourite options.


There’s a plethora of events and odds to choose from, including live betting, betting exchange, live results and statistics, and you can even bet on and watch the event through live video streams.



Live Games – Allows you to follow and watch live games that you’re interested in. Whether it’s football, baseball, eSports, or even cockfighting, you will be able to follow it and bet on it while it’s watching it.


Casino – The Live Casino tab opens up a variety of casino games. While in the live casino, you can choose from a selection of live Roulette, Poker, Baccarat to name just a few. All games you can play against the live online dealer.


The poker game allows you to play live poker against another player or the house. You also get the choice of playing for either real money/cryptocurrency or just for fun.


There are many different types of slot machines on offer, too. At last count there were close to 2000 different slots, so if that’s your thing there are plenty to go at.


Regular Games – Here at the GAMES tab, you can play Blackjack, Scratch Games, Wheel of Fortune, and if you fancy yourself as a Super Mario guru you can bet on yourself to win at that. The amount of games on offer is fantastic and is worth a look just to see what you can play on for a little bet.


Lottery – This can be found under the EXTRA tab. There are two different Lotto games. One is National Lottery Draws from around the world and the other one is a 1xBit-based lottery. And like all lotteries, you purchase your ticket and hope for the best.


Gamble on Forex Markets - You can even bet on forex pairs. If you think the USD has peaked against the GBP, and the U.K. is going to bounce back after it’s Brexit debacle, then you can bet on it. Whichever currencies you think are going to beat the other, you have the option of betting on them.

Customer Service


1xBit.com offers 24/7 Customer Service. There is no phone support, but they do have a Live Chat button on the platform, which is round the clock, and is very reliable.

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*Disclaimer:  CryptoEase may receive compensation from 1xBit.com if you start playing.



The platform is excellent and to be honest, a gamblers paradise. There are so many different things you can bet on, it’s crazy. To be honest, it could be quite dangerous for anyone addicted to gambling, but you can’t blame 1xBit for that.


Whether your thing is football, cockfighting, roulette, slots or classic video games, you can bet on them on the Internet’s true gambling mecca.


It’s not perfect, and it doesn’t have a gambling licence, but neither do most crypto casinos. But at least that allows you to play anonymously if you wish. Either way, 1xBit is a great platform and one that you can easily spend hours winning or losing your cryptocurrencies.


If gambling is your thing, I highly recommend 1xBit, but always have a limit.